Sunday, March 11, 2018

EXP1 // Week 2: Second Draft Sketchup

Top Section: Skeleton
Top Material: Steel structures, Glass

Bottom Section: Undulated
Bottom Material: Jagged Stone, Crafted Wood, Glass

Developed Sketchup model

Concept: Diagonal structure upwards supported by one concrete block, which acts as a ramp for the bikes. The ramp also has a travelator (moving walkway) for the bikes to be transported up with ease. Platforms for the stairs are attached to the side, resembling motorbike handles. A steel pole acts as handrails and prevents the user from falling.

Material: Bent steel, Steel poles, Concrete block

Developed Stairs to Revival Cycles workshop (Top)

Concept: A one-to-two-end stairs resembling the function of the zipper from the Gucci jacket. The platforms are made from wood and crafted with curvature ends to add extra support against the wall and the prevent the user from falling.

Material: Crafted wood

Developed Stairs to Gucci workshop (Bottom)

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