Saturday, April 28, 2018

EXP2 // Week 3: Developed Light Rail Stop


Amanda Levete:
"She creates structural roofs that appear to be floating in space: light and gravity-defying."
Enric Miralles:
"Free-flowing wavy curves blends with systematical rectilinear solids."


"Uniform curves aligned to an aerodynamic style creates a hollow space."

Axonometric Drawing:



The Light Rail Stop is developed in a sustainable manner. The main material used for the structure is wood, which is more environmental-friendly compared to other commonly used materials such as concrete or steel. The material wood was also chosen due to its natural ability to create curvature, yet sturdy, forms. A part of the wooden structure is carved out for glass panels, allowing natural sunlight to light up the Light Rail Stop, hence reducing the amount of artificial lighting required. The curved ground-level tunnel also provides cross ventilation throughout the Light Rail Stop, cooling the waiting platform above and thus improving the comfort level of the passengers.

Lumion Renders:

The Light Rail Stop consists of a ground-level tunnel for vehicles to pass through, an elevated platform above for passengers to wait, and four overhead bridges for the passengers to transit through. The general design concept is similar to that of Amanda Levete and Enric Miralles' architectural works.

The Light Rail Stop is constructed with wooden wavy curves based on the principle of 'balance' and 'elevation', while maintaining an aesthetic, aerodynamic form.

Passengers can tap their opal cards, before boarding and after alighting the light rail.

Natural sunlight lights up the waiting area on the main platform, hence less artificial lighting are needed.

The structure portrays pleasing silhouettes when it reacts to sunlight at different times of the day.

The tunnel allows for cross ventilation through the Light Rail Stop, hence cooling the waiting platform directly above, and ensuring a comfortable experience for the passengers during hot days.

Passenger's point of view from entrance of Unimall at Sunrise.

Passenger's point of view from entrance of Unimall at Sunset.

The resulting Light Rail Stop is not only functional to its mass users, but also acts as an architectural monument.



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