Wednesday, June 20, 2018

EXP 3 // Week 5: Developed Bridge


"A network of majestic curves creates swirling façades."

The Bridge:

The Bridge spans across the UNSW campus over Anzac Parade, providing direct access to the square house and NIDA. The design concept is derived from simple curves scaled at a larger context to form a bridge, and also serving the purpose of an architectural school. 
The Bridge is mainly made of woodworks curved and twisted horizontally, vertically and diagonally, while retaining the design principles of 'balanace' and 'repetition'. The resulting form creates an elevated building-bridge that is pleasing to the human eye. 

Strong curvature silhouettes are surfaced from different viewing angles from ground-level.

Entrance to The Bridge from UNSW campus


Computer Labs

Entrance to The Bridge from square house

Gallery with spaces to display panels and models

Lecture Theatre with two floors

Private Offices for staff

Workshop with advanced machineries


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